Who Supports Blong?

Photo of The Hennepin County Sheriff’s Deputies Association in their endorsement of Blong

The Hennepin County Sheriff’s Deputies Association in their endorsement of Blong

Our Association feels your past experience serving on the Minneapolis City Council will serve the citizens of Hennepin County and particularly District 2 very well.

Supporters in Golden Valley

Photo of Dennis & Valerie Dahlman from Golden Valley

Dennis & Valerie Dahlman, Golden Valley

We are very confident Blong will be an outstanding Hennepin County Commissioner. We admire his commitment, compassion, inclusiveness and judgment as a political leader. His courage and integrity will serve us well. He listens and then acts. He will be an effective voice for positive change.

Photo of Paula Pentel from Golden Valley

Paula Pentel, Golden Valley

Blong understands the possibilities of County Commissioner and through his life experiences, legal training, and listening, he will best represent the diverse residents of District 2.

Photo of DeDe and Tom Scanlon from Golden Valley

DeDe and Tom Scanlon, Golden Valley

Without a doubt, Blong is the most qualified person for Hennepin County Commissioner District 2. As a refugee immigrating to America with his family, he overcame great adversity to become an attorney and the first Hmong-American elected to the Minneapolis City Council. We have known Blong for several years. We trust him to do the right thing. He will not be a candidate who makes promises that he does not keep. His experience, honesty and ability to look at issues from all sides will allow him to study any problems and concerns that affect the communities he represents. He is a listener and a problem solver who will work closely with the communities to find a solution to their concerns.

Photo of Andy Snope, Golden Valley

Andy Snope, Golden Valley

I support Blong because he has a grounded, thought-out, information gathering, common sense approach to decision making. He is easy to talk to and he listens. I feel like I have an advocate in government with Blong.

Photo of Joanie Clausen, Golden Valley City Council Member

Joanie Clausen, Golden Valley City Council Member

Blong Yang is my choice for Hennepin County Commissioner. He has government experience. He is smart and understands the importance of working for everyone. He has a wonderful temperament for the job. I am proud to cast my vote on November 6th for this awesome candidate!

Supporters in Minneapolis

Photo of Kelley Hardeman from Minneapolis

Kelley Hardeman, Minneapolis

Blong has my support. He’s the most capable and experienced candidate to bring more enhancements to District 2. He is respectful of this community and has defended the Northside through and through. He answers my calls and follows up on every situation.

Photo of Mohammad Gaba from Minneapolis

Mohammad Gaba, Minneapolis

I support Blong because he cares deeply about diversity, inclusion, and equity. As a refugee who grew up here, Blong relates to my struggles and understands my priorities as a Somali American. He is open and available to all.

Photo of John & Pangthao Yang from Minneapolis

John & Pangthao Yang, Minneapolis

We have noticed a positive change in North Minneapolis during Blong’s time in office. We appreciate his hard work. For the first time, we had someone who could help us navigate the system.

Photo of Giuseppe Marrari & Mike LaFleur from Minneapolis

Giuseppe Marrari & Mike LaFleur, Minneapolis

Blong’s personal journey from a refugee camp to where he is today has made him empathetic to the needs of the under-represented. He has tirelessly stood up for the little guy and for what’s right, even when others may have been swayed by popular opinion. He has also stood up to extreme cultural pressure in pushing for LGBTQ and women’s rights in the Hmong community. Best of all, Blong is humble about all of this. You’ll never see him boast about all his accomplishments. But we guarantee you, anyone who has personally worked with Blong on an issue won’t stop talking about how good he is as a public servant. We’re excited to see what Blong can do as County Commissioner. We know he will work hard to get things done, improve efficiency, and increase accessibility to County services for all residents.

Photo of Peter Hoag from Minneapolis

Peter Hoag, Minneapolis

I believe Blong will fairly represent me even though we grew up with different cultural traditions.

Photo of Mark Lakosky from Minneapolis Firefighters, Local 82

Mark Lakosky, President, MFD L82

I had the privilege to work with Blong on a number of public safety issues concerning the Minneapolis Fire Department. I can say that I have never seen an elected official who was always aware and sensitive to the needs of his constituents and who worked daily to improve their lives and experiences in the City of Minneapolis. Hennepin County would be served well by electing Blong.

Photo of Sue Watson Stillman, Minneapolis (Bryn Mawr)

Sue Watson Stillman, Minneapolis (Bryn Mawr)

I met Blong and his wife Mai Neng through the PTA at our children’s school, Bryn Mawr Elementary. I am impressed by the depth of his personal and professional experience, his thoughtfulness, and his commitment to the community. He is not afraid to stand up for what he believes in, even when it is difficult. I strongly support Blong for Hennepin County Commissioner!

Photo of Meg Forney, Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board Commissioner-At-Large

Meg Forney, Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board Commissioner-At-Large

While serving on the Minneapolis Riverfront Partnership, I had an opportunity to work directly with Blong Yang, then City Council Member. I watched him listen and provide thoughtful insights that were grounded in his community’s needs and the perspective of unintended consequences that governance can bring. Blong takes tough votes and advocates for those without a voice in government. He understands the ramifications of poor policies and stands by unpopular, yet, more prudent votes.

Photo of Clarence Shallbetter, Minneapolis (Bryn Mawr)

Clarence Shallbetter, Minneapolis (Bryn Mawr)

Blong listens well to diverse ideas and opinions. An experienced public leader, he encourages dialogue especially on the county's biggest functions of health and human services. Ever friendly and smiling, he will be a great County Commissioner.

Photo of Joe Biernat, NE Minneapolis

Joe Biernat, NE Minneapolis

Our County District has a special opportunity to elect a candidate who truly understands adversity. From a refugee camp in Thailand to graduating from UCLA and then U of M Law School, Blong Yang has worked hard, always helping others in need. He was elected to the Minneapolis City Council, chaired the City’s Public Safety Committee where he worked on police-community relations, and was a budget hawk – making sure tax payer dollars were used prudently. It is high time the Hennepin County Board has a member representing such rich diversity and unique qualifications.

Photo of Vivian Jenkins Nelson, N Minneapolis

Vivian Jenkins Nelson, N Minneapolis

Two things I know about Blong. One, he cares about community. Two, you can disagree with him civilly. That’s why I support Blong for Hennepin County Commissioner.

Photo of Lynda Shaheen, Minneapolis (Bryn Mawr)

Lynda Shaheen, Minneapolis (Bryn Mawr)

I have volunteered side-by-side with Blong for many years at Bryn Mawr Elementary School. I have been impressed by his dedication to the community and his family’s commitment to Minneapolis’ Northside. He has years of valuable experience serving on the Minneapolis City Council and his own personal experiences as a child with the Health and Human Services system. I have seen him jump right in and work with all members of a community to work towards a better future. I strongly support Blong Yang for Hennepin County Commissioner!

Photo of Paul T. Ostrow, NE Minneapolis

Paul T. Ostrow, NE Minneapolis

Blong is smart and he is thoughtful. I frequently witnessed Blong asking the tough questions and taking the right stands at Minneapolis City Hall even when going along with everyone else would have been much easier. Now more than ever, we need elected officials who will stand up for principle and stand up for their constituents. Blong understands that it is not about him – it is about those he will serve. He has the empathy and understanding to make sure the poorest and most vulnerable among us will be served by a compassionate Hennepin County. He has the experience, commitment and integrity to be an outstanding voice of the people on the Hennepin County Board. Join me in voting for Blong Yang on November 6th.

Supporters in Plymouth

Photo of Marge Beard, Plymouth

Marge Beard, Plymouth

Blong is right for District 2 and he is right for Plymouth!  He has the hands-on experience to make strong policy decisions and to manage the 2nd largest budget in the state. Blong will be responsive to and represent the entire district.

Photo of Rolf & Jean Erickson from Plymouth

Rolf & Jean Erickson, Plymouth

We support Blong for Hennepin County Commissioner District 2 because he is absolutely the best candidate. He is an honorable man and he will hear and represent ALL citizens of the district fairly and equally.

Photo of Mary & Terry Groetken from Plymouth

Mary & Terry Groetken, Plymouth

We are supporting Blong because we know him to be an intelligent, thoughtful person who thinks about all sides of the issues before he makes decisions. His decisions are made with common sense behind them — especially anything that has to do with taxpayer money. He truly respects all people and listens.

Photo of Larry Rosen, Plymouth

Larry Rosen, Plymouth

I never get involved in politics but I’ve known Blong for a number of years and he’s a good guy. That’s why I support him. He’s a good guy.

Photo of John and Sherry Swanson, Plymouth

John and Sherry Swanson, Plymouth

Blong has my total support. He is the most capable, trustworthy, caring, and experienced candidate. He served Minneapolis and its residents well on the City Council. He will represent EVERYONE in District 2.

Supporters in St. Anthony

Photo of Marcella Jerome, St. Anthony

Marcella Jerome, St. Anthony

I support Blong because he supports people at every stage of life. I hope he can make changes in transportation for seniors, nutritious food with better access for seniors, and healthcare reform for seniors. So that the larger community knows seniors get the care the public thinks we are getting.

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